Re: Spell durations (was: Swimming,falling,flying and drowning...)

From: Davies, Nathan (DaviesN@AECL.CA)
Date: 10/17/97

>On Fri, 17 Oct 1997, Davies, Nathan wrote:
>> I left it this way, and I added accumulation to most spells, along with
>> increasing their duration.  But then my mud is about balance, so my
>> larger stats make sense...
>*faint* And if you have 2000 mana and you cast sanctuary 100 times on
>yourself? and each will give you 10 ticks of sanctuary?
>This sounds like permanent sanctuary to me.. ;> Did I noticed the word
>'balance' somewhere up there? *grin*
>But this is pure speculation, you might have things done in other ways..
Like I said, it's all about balance.  Sanc can only be cast on self(I
think) so it make's for some balancing with Warriors, which are the
supreme class on too many muds.  Sanc won't be all that powerful
anyways, super sanc(1/4) will of course be more useful, higher level,
and cost alot more mana.  Some of my higher level spells will cost a min
of 1000 mana, like brew/scribe, enchant weapon/armor, phased blade an
the like.

I just believe balance with larger numbers is easier and more fun.  I
personally like powerful characters, and with powerful mobs, it makes
for balance...

BTW, there are alot more issues than just sanc, and magic in general
that help balance my mud, including very strict mob/obj guidelines...
>Nathan Davies,

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