A kinder, gentler sinking.

From: George (greerga@DRAGON.HAM.MUOHIO.EDU)
Date: 10/17/97

[I hate when a machine reboots when you're mailing something...]

I thought that immediately sinking objects was a little much because then
you would never be able to loot the corpse of something you just killed.  I
have now changed it to use limits.c in update objects to check for objects
floating in the water.  I also took steps to prevent people from accidently
dropping things in the water anyway. You must type 'water' after the object
name if you really want to drop it.

It does this by taking a random number from 0 to the weight of the object.
If the number is greater than 1, the object sinks.  So anything that weighs
1 pound or less will never sink. (Which btw, includes a pile of 1 million
coins but that's a different problem.)

The result is a bit more realism with the added bonus of cleaning out water
areas.  The only hinderance the player will notice is they have to type
'water' after the object to confirm they want it in the water.

A rather large example of this happening:

A bread floats unsteadily in the water.
A waybread floats unsteadily in the water.
A key of dull metal floats unsteadily in the water.
A bottle sinks into the watery depths.
A firebreather floats unsteadily in the water.
A bottle sinks into the watery depths.
A bottle sinks into the watery depths.

The 'floats unsteadily in the water' is a warning that in the future, this
object may sink.  This is yet another step to warn people who somehow
accidently drop something in the water that they may lose it.

This one should act much better than previous.  Any other complaints?

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