Re: Jesus walked on water... from "George" at Oct 17, 97 11:01:33 am

From: Andrew Helm (ashe@IGLOU.COM)
Date: 10/17/97

> I also believe they shouldn't lose things, but then again, if you *really*
> want to drop your sword in the water (by confirming it) then be my guest.
> The 'extract_obj()' call should be taken as something to adjust for you own
> MUD, not something set in stone. Preferably it will be changed to some
> method where the players can get the object back (I kicked around the idea
> of donating them but that made something somewhat realistic really
> far-fetched.)

If there is drop protection I see no reason to let the players get
their items back, unless you want to implement that, of course. It
would make a swimming/diving skill kind of useful now that I think
about it.

> >drop shouldn't cause players to lose equipment. When you're playing
> >a mud you don't necessarily realize you're over water, I mean,
> Hopefully by reading a room description you can figure out you're over a
> river, lake, or ocean.

Wishful thinking. :)
Here's a sample room description:

> [ 5002] A Long Tunnel [ DARK INDOORS ]
   The tunnel branches off north.

Was that one on water or not? Can you tell without checking? :)

> >it's not like real life where you can feel the boat rocking,
> No, but you can read where you are, typically the titles are something like
> 'The Great Midgaard Lake' or 'Over a big river.'

See above.

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