Re: [WORLD] City field?

From: Edward Glamkowski (EGlamkowski@MATHEMATICA-MPR.COM)
Date: 10/17/97

Well, would you consider Central Park to be part of
New York City...?  :-)

Oh, wait, you're from Ohio, so you might not be familiar
with it.  Umm.. You familiar with the OSU campus?
How about the Oval as part of the city of Columbus?

Granted, your example is not exactly that of a Park (and
I would agree that in that specific instance, it should
have been given a different value), but it would not always
be silly to have such descriptions with a city flag.

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>(Hey, this sector room-flags thing is handy...)
>[ 3061] The Great Field Of Midgaard [ !MOB ] [ City ]
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>Midgaard countryside.  You can see to the horizon to the north, east,
>Yeah...nice city. ;)
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