Re: Windows 95 CircleMUDs

From: Rob Baumstark (shirak@CONNECT.AB.CA)
Date: 10/17/97

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From: Benjamin Draper <satrycus@DRACHENBURG.DEMON.CO.UK>
To: <>
Date: Friday, October 17, 1997 4:28 PM
Subject:  Windows 95 CircleMUDs

>Is there anybody running a successful (code wise!) Windows 95 CircleMUD.
>things are going smoothly for us, we still have a few problems. I
>managed to get OasisOLC
>to work fine apart from zedit which crashes on creating a new zone. Any
>help would be
>greatly appreciated...

I am running a Win95 CircleMUD.  It is currently very stable with Oasis OLC
installed, as well as a lot of things I have done myself.  It is currently
down due to a problem with the server, but I expect it will be back up soon.
Your zedit problem can be fixed with one of George's patches (I forget the
URL).  Also, watch sedit, there is a bug in parsing the shop files that will
crash it (patch for that around somewhere too).
Hope this helps.
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