From: Steven Smith (s-smith@WAITE.ADELAIDE.EDU.AU)
Date: 10/17/97

Hello all,

Im doing a bodyslam function (yawn) but have struck a small prob. I want
to have the ac of the player (or victim) lowered for the duration of the

that is, if bodyslam successful the victims ac drops to say 70% or so of
I tried making an int that = GET_AC(ch) and placing that after the pulse
violence wait but that doesnt work. I need a command that will let me set
the duration of the reduction in GET_AC(ch). Also it has to account for
if a spell such as stone is casted whilst bashed. That is, it cant just
rebring the ac before the bodyslam as it will change due to the spell.
Any help appreciated.
Please note: I am not after the bodyslam code as I have done that, just
this little command.

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