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From: Daniel Koepke (dkoepke@CALIFORNIA.COM)
Date: 10/17/97

On Sat, 18 Oct 1997, Steven Smith wrote:

-+Hello all,
-+Im doing a bodyslam function (yawn) but have struck a small prob. I want
-+to have the ac of the player (or victim) lowered for the duration of the

The reason for affections.  It might be surprising, but Circle
does this sort of thing quite often.  Think about it: for spells,
such as 'armor' it temporarily decreases the person's AC.  It'd
make sense, then, to look at how the spell-code does it.  But to
save you the trouble of actually looking:

  struct affected_type af;
  af.type = SKILL_BODYSLAM;
  af.duration = number(1, 4);
  af.modifier = 5; /* add 5 ac to make the person EASIER hit */
  af.location = APPLY_AC;
  af.bitvector = 0;
  affect_join(victim, &af, FALSE, FALSE, FALSE, FALSE);

the only things I'm uncertain about here is (a) whether or not you
want the victim's AC to get better (decreased) or worse (increased),
(b) the duration.  The probelm with this method is that the armor
class will be affected for an entire MUD hour, which isn't what you
want.  You can use WAIT_STATE() on the victim to make them unable
to hit (and thus more vulnerable) for a few combat rounds; or you
can add some special case (ick) code in perform_violence to handle


BTW, a little nit-pick.  In comm.c, for the definition of

  void affect_update(void);     /* In spells.c */

but in fact, it's in magic.c :)

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