Re: mudlog

From: Mud Administration (mudadmin@UNIX.AARDVARKOL.COM)
Date: 10/18/97

I was wondering if I/we could send something that can be added to bpl12???
We have implemented online configuration on our mud...  And it has greatly
helped us.. (We dont have to recompile the code as often!)  We are
currently working on getting WAIT_STATES in this code so that we can
define waitstates online too (like for base and such!) But right now we
have everything in config.c, except graphical things, in their...
If you would like to add this to bpl12 or to 3.1 I can see if I can make a
patch and send it...  Its really, REALLY, easy to install!  I havent
tested this with Win95 but it does work with Linux.


 Mud Administraton at "Tower of the Lost Order MUD"
     (telnet:// 6000)

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