Re: Weather & Zones?

From: Crystal Towers (crystal@PIER37.COM)
Date: 10/19/97

On Sun, 19 Oct 1997, John Evans wrote:

> I removed the weather data struct from structs.h, and stuck it in with
> the rest of the zone data. I alterd the stuff in weather.c and
> act.informitive.c to take this into account.
> Every tick, I loop through all the zones and alter/check their weather
> pattern just like stock code, but each zone changes on its own.
> On boot, the starting weather pattern is randomly determined. I changed
> it so that it looped through all the zones and set their weather pattern
> individually.
> I also went a step farther and add climates to the zone data. There are
> different weather patterns for the different climates. No snow in the
> tropical areas, and no monsoons in the arctic regions.
> I would post some code on it, but it's all archived away while I'm in the
> middle of Slackware re-install. If you need more details, let me know. I
> should be able to provide them towards the end of the day. (Once this
> install is done.)

This is exactly what I wanted to do on mine in regards to weather (and I
also wanted to include light in that... varying degrees of light depending
on what time of day it is).  Any details and/or hints you could provide
would be greatly appreciated!

- Dominique
  Crystal Towers

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