Visual Basic 3

From: Heather Roche (ue375@FREENET.VICTORIA.BC.CA)
Date: 10/19/97

ok, I'm relitavely new to CircleMUD, C. But I've been programming in VB
for a few months now, and am starting to think of a major project. I was
thinking of writing something to help build worlds. Does anyone out there
have any experience in VB3? Can anyone give me an idea to get started..
1) Is this possible in the first place?
2) I was going to use a text box..but now that I think about it..a text
box can only hold so much data...? A picturebox? And, how do continually
add text to it.
3) Am I being a complete idiot considering I have little experience
where programming is concerned??????
Thanks so much.
Please, when you respond write to:
I'm more likely to see it there :)

Heather Roche

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