Re: Hi All.. I'm glad this list exists!

From: Iceblade (iceblade@STARWEB.NET)
Date: 10/20/97


 It's nice to get responded to by a Circle Guru :)

I have(had) Circle running without problems on a Linux box here, the only
real changes I have made so far have been ASCII based pfiles and OasisOLC

Seems that NO other large patches I have tried function properly after
that, errors are usually in olc.c. Perhaps someone could tell me what
order these patches should be applied? The combo3.pacth Failed miserably,
but I would prefer to installl them by hand one at a time so i can test,
debug and modify to suit.

I do not ever use netscape to download anything FTP :) I am a command line
junky...GUI's are nice and have their place, but.....

Any advice or hints will be gratefully accepted, once I get the main code
up to current specs, I will begin adding all the mods I have written for
the last 10 years.. Thankfully I wrote most of them for some version of
the original DIKU. I would be happy to share all of them with Any
CircleMUD admins that want them..

Thanks again,

Rich Miller

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