Re: Weather & Zones?

From: Soren P. Skou (serces@MUD.DK)
Date: 10/22/97

> bah! They don't care even what are the room descriptions! Sometimes I
> wonder why hacnk'n'slash muds have room descriptions, nobody reads them
> anyway... Heh I've seen players walking into the 'Falling down  into an
> abyss' rooms *cackle*
Uhm.. That's the problem, too many muds are just Hack'n'Slash. People
wander into a room, find a mob, and start slashing on it, untill it
dies, onto next mob, or wait for a repop since this gave good EXP.
Not to make these Muds any less better than anything else. But
players tend to get a *BIT* bored.

Firstly I decided that the Mud I coded wasn't going to be like that.
And figured out a way to make it look better instead. One of the
things imped VERY fast was that if you kill the same mob over and
over and over and over, you gain less and less EXP. You Gain EXP from
Wandering around the zones (Also from killing the mobs of course, but
Not *JUST* that) You gain EXP from Finding Spells. Learning about new
Skills. And so on. The mud has changed from being a Hack'n'slash to
be more like an Adventure. You set out, you find new friends, you
learn new skills/languages. You see new places (Even though The area
selection is pretty sparse at the moment) and so on.

It is of course still possible that people just wander around hacking
and slashing at everything. Those players I don't care much about,
especially not when they start to complain as Well.

> And there are not THAT many CPU cycles that willg et wasted...
I have another Idea that doesn't waste much CPU cycles. When a
Player enters the mud, Put them in a room. Load a mob, then let PC
kill it, When killed load a new one. Very simple, you won't even
waste cycles Figuring out Affections or something like that.
Mob_act? Nah, Why that? No need to have MOB_ACT. And now we've Cut
down the code to approx 2 files.

Sorry if it sounds like a flame... Not meant to be :)


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