From: Iceblade (iceblade@STARWEB.NET)
Date: 10/22/97


I have been getting MANY MANY requests for space! I think it's great that
Circle is so active.. not one of those "dead" development projects I see
too often.

Since I am overwhelmed by requests, I would like to state a few caveats:

The MUD in question would have to be Circle3.0 based, and MUST compile
cleanly if it is to run 24/7.

A shell account on the box is for development use only.. no IRC, FTP sites
, etc. Unless they are Circle Related.

This offer is limited to MUDS that are past the "just started" stage. MUDS
looking for CPU horsepower, and or more bandwidth due to player overload
are welcome.

I get to sneak peeks at the new code :)

And a few other conditions to be determined at a later dat. (Nop, nothing
outrageous ;)


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