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From: Andrew Evans (Andrew_Evans@JBA.CO.UK)
Date: 10/23/97

abram@DELTANET.COM on 22/10/97 23:15:10

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Subject:  Re:  [code][win95] regarding a snippet

>How to I run circle.exe > log.txt?

How do you normally start up the MUD?
From the DOS prompt?
Start it however you normally do and just append > log.txt onto the end.

Or alternatively, do as the guy suggested and make a batch file to run it.
Alls a batch file is, is a text file with a bunch of DOS commands in it.
For example, the batch file I use to crank up my MUD is:

@echo off
cd circle30\circle\debug
circle -d c:\circle30\lib > log.txt

Save this ^^^ as RunMUD.bat.

Create a shortcut to it on yer 95 desktop and yer up and running with a
      double click.


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