[code][win95] regarding a snippet

From: Mike Carpenter (abram@DELTANET.COM)
Date: 10/22/97

I found this snippet on the snippet page and i really just have a question
about one of the last things
from this snippet.  Can anyone tell me what this means?
Below I put all the code from the snippet, I will remark the part that Im
confused about.

Here's another way of getting log files for Win95

in utils.c search for the void mudlog part,
and change ..

if (file)
    fprintf(stderr, "%-19.19s :: %s\n", tmp, str);
  printf("%-19.19s :: %s\n", tmp, str);  /*logging, Andy */
  if (level < 0)

then search for void log
and change ..

ct = time(0);
  tmstr = asctime(localtime(&ct));
  *(tmstr + strlen(tmstr) - 1) = '\0';
  fprintf(stderr, "%-19.19s :: %s\n", tmstr, str);
 printf("%-19.19s :: %s\n", tmstr, str);  /*logging, Andy */

/* This is the section that i dont understand what does he mean by in the
batch file run the mud wit
redirected....   Im sure this really shows my newbieness but please humor
me */

Then in your batch file just run the mud with redirected output of
stdout (printf outputs as stdout, and dos can redirect it),

ie.  circle.exe >> log.txt

This will write all the logs to the file, and you will also get it
echoed to your screen!


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