Re: Mud Cheats Page

From: Rich Chiavaroli (rchiav@FRONTIERNET.NET)
Date: 10/24/97

On Fri, 24 Oct 1997, Co-Sysop wrote:

> >#14 - Not sure our locate object works that way.
> >
> First of all, knowing the location of a bunch of invis immortals isn't very
> important.
> Not to mention a spell won't do very much without a target in circle.  And
> I don't use oedit so you won't find any imms on my mud walking around with
> oedited objects (at least I hope not!)

In stock circle, if I was carrying a canoe and other imms knew I was
carying it.. if I was invis, they could type 'where canoe' and one
one of the lines would list:

canoe - carried by Someone

It just basically tells them that I'm on the mud.. which defeats the
purpose of being invis.

Just have it check to see either the person's invis level is higher
than the level of the person typing where or have it not print lines where
'Someone' is the person. I've been meaning to fix this but I haven't
looked at the actual code yet so I don't know exactly how it does the
search and display.


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