From: Thomas Pedersen (classic@PODKAYNE.WESTNET.COM)
Date: 10/24/97

To my prev postings replies: Thanks, I didn't see them, but it still work.

ANyway, I got another question.  After some work getting v1.5 into my
all-so-modified circle, it seems to work great, with the exception of
medit.  It does not crash on me, but it will hang after any response
is given to olc.  Let's say I want to edit a mobs position:

Enter choice: x <enter>
Enter new value: x <enter>
[...hangs, and only option is to go linkdead-relogin]

(this seems to happen on one-line editing like s-decs, l-desc
(d-desc is only exception, since using the new editor).

Anyone else had this problem? I've traced a bit, but came up empty.

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