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From: Co-Sysop (dmodem@CYBNETONLINE.COM)
Date: 10/24/97

At 10:41 PM 10/23/97 -0400, you wrote:
>On Thu, 23 Oct 1997, R. E. Paret wrote:
>#1 - Not sure if CircleMUD is fixed, it should be.
>#2 - CircleMUD lists objects one at a time so it should not crash.
>     (However, show_obj_to_char() uses page_string() instead of
>        send_to_char() so I'm not 100% positive...try it.) :)
>#3 - I believe CircleMUD does have mob waitstates.

better yet make cityguards uncharmable.  fixes a couple other in the list
as well.  If you want to charm something go look for it, don't let them
just take whatever powerful happens to be near midgaard.  I might have to
check the mob files, just in case they are already uncharmable on my mud (I
rewrote the guards and can't remember if that was part of the rewrite..)

>#4 - Hm...

Keep high level mobs out of newbie zones ;)
Or keep mobs that automatically rescue out of zones that are visited
regularly by newbies.  Most newbies should know about how cityguard help
out the good people and squash the bad in a fight (how else would you kill
mercs at level 1 ;) )

>#5 - Not much to do about that one.

don't let your cityguard be charmed.  (see above)

>#6 - Mobs don't use items anyway and if we did, we'd extract them.
>#7 - Don't have transport spell, but fixable by either A) having a MUD
>        that doesn't crash or B) saving characters upon exchange.

"Wait for a crash"
Unless something is wrong with your mud (BTW you should fix the things in
the list that can crash your mud) you shouldn't get a crash.  Treat crashes
as very very bad things that should be found and destroyed immediately
after they occur.  Any player that knowingly and willing causes a crash
should be banned permanently.

>#8 - Our rooms don't save, unless it is your house and huh?

I am using the room save snippet from The Dark One (Reza Nejad)
<> and I tried this and from what i can see (and I can see
everything in the room) it doesn't save corpses.  Anyone using that snippet
can rest easy.

>#9 - Don't have that color.

Someone should inform whoever "Lope" is so he/she can update it.

>#10 - We better strip ~ from aliases, but don't save yet.

According to the page it works with just about any player-alterable text.
I tried it with titles and it just displayed ~ and didn't do anything to
the stats.  I don't have alias saving so I guess someone else will have to
check that aspect of the "cheat".

>#11 - No house editor for morts.
>#12 - Mobs can't cast a thing.

That's why we all use Circle and not merc ;).  I supposed there are mobs
that cast spells with spec_procs but I don't plan on taking the time to
allow those mobs to be order to cast spells.

>#13 - Hmm...

Don't let them crash the mud and you have nothing to worry about.

>#14 - Not sure our locate object works that way.

First of all, knowing the location of a bunch of invis immortals isn't very
Not to mention a spell won't do very much without a target in circle.  And
I don't use oedit so you won't find any imms on my mud walking around with
oedited objects (at least I hope not!)

I guess most of us are safe.  But If I find out that someone has found a
way to do bad things to my MUD (or circle in general) I will be sure to fix
the problem as soon as I find it.  Keep your eyes open and there isn't much
that will slip past you.  Nothing happens unless you let it happen.

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