Re: Powerful mobs & Cityguards (was Mud Cheats)

From: Iain E. Davis (feaelin@SOCKETS.NET)
Date: 10/24/97

>better yet make cityguards uncharmable.  fixes a couple other in the list
>as well.  If you want to charm something go look for it, don't let them
>just take whatever powerful happens to be near midgaard.  I might have to
>check the mob files, just in case they are already uncharmable on my mud (I
>rewrote the guards and can't remember if that was part of the rewrite..)

As a general rule, the more powerful creatures/mobs should be at least have
a better chance at ignoring charm spells than others, if not outright immune.
No matter how high a level the character is, if he casts charm on the classic
ancient red dragon, the dragon should laugh in his face and turn him/her into
a hotdog. :)

Hmm. on the other hand, a hatchling could be charmed..and if the player wanted
to wait 2000 (or more,'pending on your philosophy on dragons) game years
it might become a powerful pet, otherwise it'd be pretty much like have a
'cept very clumsy. :)

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