Re: [IDEA] Mob Aging (was Re: Powerful mobs & Cityguards (was Mud Cheats))

From: Chris Jacobson (fear@ATHENET.NET)
Date: 10/25/97

On 10/25/97 5:16 AM, Co-Sysop (dmodem@CYBNETONLINE.COM) stated:

>Now that you mention it...Why don't mobs age?  Players age (although you
>don't really notice very much) so why not mobs?  Have certain mobs turn
>into another mob after X amount of years until it eventually becomes as old
>as it can get.  Or just boost some stats or allows the mob to use different
>spells at an older age.  For dragons this is a pretty good idea (most of
>what I know about dragons says, the older they are the tougher they get)
>and you could have a larger variety of mobs with fewer actual .mob files.
>obviously this could be done with some spec_procs (which is what I plan on
>doing) but this is definately something I will consider permanently adding
>to the code and mob files, and if I can get around to it anytime soon I
>will send the code to the list.  Or if you can't wait make it on your own.

This was done with MOBProgs on my Aliens vs Predator MUD.  First a MOB
egg (sentinel, non-attacking mob), which after a period would hatch and
release a facehugger.  These easy to kill enemies became deadly after the
introduction by my Tactical Engineer of a fight mobprog to automatically
transfer them to a death trap (mind you, the fight prog had a VERY low
rate - 1% or so).  At which point a MOB which was basically another
sentinel,non-attacking mob - an impregnated human/predator/whatever, was
loaded... it would randomly cry for help when people entered, and after a
period of time it would "hatch" an Alien... a chestburster.  Yet again
after a period of time it would grow to be a baby alien... and then later
another... after a period of time, the alien would have grown to its most
powerful incarnation - possibly (but very rarely) a queen.

This was all done with MOBProgs.  And then I decided to upgrade my system
to MOBProgs for ROM 2.4, which added several new, powerful progs, a
memory system, about 30-40 new IF calls, a faster, cleaner code system,
and several new MP commands.

- Chris Jacobson

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