Re: [IDEA] Mob Aging (was Re: Powerful mobs & Cityguards (was Mud Cheats))

From: Akuma/Chris Baggett/DOOMer (doomer@BAYOU.COM)
Date: 10/25/97

>This was all done with MOBProgs.  And then I decided to upgrade my system
>to MOBProgs for ROM 2.4, which added several new, powerful progs, a
>memory system, about 30-40 new IF calls, a faster, cleaner code system,
>and several new MP commands.
>- Chris Jacobson
  Question, Chris.  Did the new ROM 2.4 MobProgs fix the
if this
  if this
    if this
    else this
problem?  where if the middle if was false, the else would be recognized
as the previous if's else? i hope you understand what i mean by this.

and if it DOES fix it, i may just download that myself :-)

heh, i've made a few changes to the current ifchcks also.
such as
objtype($o)  == (integer|string)
which means you can either give a number for ITEM_ARMOR == 1
or you can give it a name (which helps me restrict certain items)
such as
if objtype($o) == armor
   do this
it works pretty well :-P
time() :-P
this requires no argument at all (if one is given, it is ignored),
but it gives the GAME's current time (not RL time)
ie   13 == 1pm
if time() >= 20
   say Isn't it past your bedtime?
heh, and i also implemented affectedby($*)  which is basically
the same as   isaffected($n) & number
except, it accepts names, not numbers
you can SET and REMOVE bits also (ie use them in an ifchck,
and if it was successful, do something :-)
!= (not equal)
!  (remove)
=  (set)
== (is set?)
if affectedby($n) ! curse
   say You are no longer cursed, my son.
   say You never were cursed, just paranoid.
but it works like an IS_SET macro,
which means the following is perfectly legal :-)
if affectedby($n) == curse
   if affectedby($n) == blind
      say You have been curse'd and blinded!!

anyway, answer my question from above, Chris, i'd like to know.

Akuma the Raging Coder
(btw, we are no longer where we used to be :-P
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