Aff flags questions

From: Anthony Appel (appelae@RAINIER.CHEM.PLU.EDU)
Date: 10/25/97

Well I converted my aff flags into another more long affected_by slots by

long affected_by1
long affected_by2
long affected_by3
long affected_by4

then changed the utils.h
#define AFF_FLAGS1(ch)((ch)->char_specials.saved.affected_by1)
and so on

then in structs.h made
/* AFF2 flags */
#define AFF_MORPH (1<<0)

is there any other special redirection I need to do for the new
aff2 flags?  For example someone casts the morph spell which puts the
morph flag on themself would it be SET(AFF2_FLAGS(char), AFF_MORPH);

I'm not the best on flags and if someone could explain them a little
better it would be much appreciated =p.

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