Re: Idling problem

From: John Evans (evansj@HI-LINE.NET)
Date: 10/27/97

On Mon, 27 Oct 1997, wrote:

> Another solution to this idling problem of immortals idling out is
> 1. set the level LOWER so that lower level gods aren't not extracted.
> 2. Its a mud client issue, lets say the immortal uses zmud, set a timer
>    so that periodically the client will send enter or something silly like
>    that.

My solution for idling. Some of you may not like it, or you may. I'm just
posting it in case it helps give someone an idea.

All people idle, void, and get dropped. Period. No one is immune to the
vile void.

If they don't want to void, then they can.....

ZMud:  #trig {into a void} {em is immune to the void!} {void}
tintin: #ac {into a void} {em is immune to the void!} {9}
tinyfuge: /def -p1 -mglob -t'into a void' = em is immune to the void.
raw telnet:  get a client!

John Evans <>

May the source be with you.

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