Re: New Mud [AD] and [Off Topic]

From: Thibor (roland@INTERPATH.COM)
Date: 10/28/97

David Klasinc wrote:

> Yes, yes!!! You hit the jackpot here! :))) Sometimes I go and peek on a
> mud and then when I walk around a little bit, then I start to wonder why
> am I stalling the opening of my mud, it could be done ages ago... *Cackle*
> David!

No, no!!!  That's not why we who stall the official openings of our mud
stall the openings!  I  think it's a couple of things... I think we all
envision a kind of perfection, to start with, coupled with a large heap
of originality and a small dosage of familiararity (that which we have
absorbed from our first and second MUDs which we liked..).
Mostly, at least for me, I just love to code... my best ideas come not
when I'm rushing to get this and that coded for impatient builders
and unhappy players, they usually come when I'm bored off my ass at
work or school.  Opening the MUD, officially?  Perhaps one day, but
for now I fear it may hampen all those ideas that really bud into
beautiful.  I worked for a MUD in the past, was co-IMP on it, and we
to open it... and it was a pathetic excuse for a MUD, still is (no
Chris, cause of course it's not your fault the things you are told to
are utterly dry, mundane, and senseless... since that's how your boss
is) ...
Anywho, I'm rambling.  I think we can all agree that coding a new idea
may be a bit frustrating at times, but always rewarding, and always a
fruit.  So some of us prefer to let the tree grow, as you get more
instead of trimming it's limbs and letting every Joe and their mom
trample over it's roots and climbing all over it... hell they'd torch it
if they could (damn the players!) *giggle*
Now then, I sure hope my sysadmin isn't on this list...

- Thibor

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