Re: Re[2]: Re[2]: Mob fleeing

From: George (greerga@DRAGON.HAM.MUOHIO.EDU)
Date: 10/28/97

On Tue, 28 Oct 1997, Angus Mezick wrote:

>>>#define CHECK_WAIT(ch)  (((ch)->desc) ? ((ch)->desc->wait > 1) :\
>>>                         (GET_MOB_WAIT(ch)>0))
>>The stock one is:
>>#define CHECK_WAIT(ch)  (((ch)->desc) ? ((ch)->desc->wait > 1) : 0)
>>Hence the work around.
>damn, guess that should be changed and not worked around. another patch george?
>or is there a reason not to check the mobs wait state if the char is a mob?
>bother, why the &#!! was wait stuck onto the desc? timing out during load?

The mob wait variable is in the mob_specials structure.
The player wait variable is in the descriptor.
The macros are mob and player specific so you have to test both.

The whole thing is just nuts, I'm waiting on major projects to see what
bpl12 entails.

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