Re: [Snippets] problem with vwear

From: Cris Jacobin (jacobin@BELLATLANTIC.NET)
Date: 10/28/97

>I left the CAN_WEAR macro alone, and added a second CAN_WEAR2 MACRO
>#define CAN_WEAR2(obj, part) (IS_SET((&obj_proto[nr])->obj_flags.wear_flags,
>                                     (part)))
>And called that macro in the vwear_object() function.

        Well it worked like a charm.  Installed the vwear2.txt snippet,
followed your advice and all is well.  Gracias.

        One thing I noticed though, is that certain vwear commands can
flood the shit out of you!  Going to take a look at how Circle performs
it's 'more' function, see if it's applicable as a solution.  Either that,
or build a 'multi-collum' string, 3 abreast say.


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