Re: Help with a Unix script for... 97 08:15:03 am

From: Nynaeve Al'Meara (nynaeve@PIONEER.EUNET.FI)
Date: 10/29/97

Hi Shaw,

> Hello, I have a file that has over 6500 lines of code I want to use but
> almost every line has a '+' in front of it.  The code is from a patch

The '+' -marks mean that line should be added compared to the original file
that's supposed to be patched.

> file that I couldn't get to patch so I am doing it manually.  Can anyone
> help me with a simple unix script that will filter out these '+'s?
> Maybe to read in the first character of every line and if it is a '+'
> then delete it, otherwise move on to the next line.  Or does anyone know
> an easier way?

If you use vi -the editor, the following command will remove any + -marks
in the beginning of the line:


Try that ;) (just make a backup first :)


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