Re: Hedit

From: ;P (siv@CYBERENET.NET)
Date: 10/29/97

> All works!! Only question is still what the keywords field is for, as i
> still seem to need to put my own keyword list into the help field itself
> as i used to manually (I.E. First line of the help entry is the list of
> keywrds)
> Yet the editor does not seem to make the keywords list, the first line
> for me

yeah, it truly is just an editor..the keyword is just meant to find the
correct entry (if it exists)..otherwise..if you wanted to create a new
entry, you could type "hedit zzzzzz"..and then just put the keywords at
the as if you were editing it in the file..if you just write the entry
without putting the keywords on the first line, the the first line of the
entry will be all of the the entry was:

only fighters can kick
blah blah
blah blah

the keywords would be: only, fighters, can, kick
and typing "help fighters" will show the entry..

the reason i didn't try to change that around is because i wanted to be
able to keep multiple keywords per entry, but have the entry saved only
once in the file..i guess i should've explained that a little better..i
figured the easiest way to do it is make the text entry, then save it to
disk, then just mimic a "reload xhelp" which will put all of the
keywords in the table with the proper entry ( won't have the
option of refusing to save)

also, if anyone else is having problems with the olc.c file (because of
the social editor, or whatever) just drop me a line, and i'll send you my
olc.c file for comparison..


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