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From: Franco Gasperino (awe@CET.COM)
Date: 10/29/97

> From: Master's Realm <>
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> Subject:  spells
> Date: Wednesday, October 29, 1997 10:14 AM
> I've been adding like abunch of spells and they work but now I'm trying
> make it so when I cast say 'demonfire' it would tell the room '$n
> up a greator demon and throws it at $N' (I got that part) and also tell
> the caster that they cast the spell!

  Certainly an interesting twist of the word "demonfire". Should alias the
command "slingshot" to the spell function too...Add dragonfire: '$n pulls
a ancient grand dragon out of his 6 inch deep pocket and hurls it at $N'..

Franco Gasperino
Cutting Edge Communications

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