Re: Comments on pl12?

From: Andrew Evans (Andrew_Evans@JBA.CO.UK)
Date: 10/30/97

nikolai@MONTANA.COM on 30/10/97 13:41:23

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Subject:  Re:  Comments on pl12?

>I have one problem.  I can't patch this in with either patch programs I
>have.  with the gnu win32 patch is screws up any files it changes and with
>my other patch prog, It doesn't recognize that there is even a patch in
>Does anyone have a good patch program for win95?  Thanks in advance
>Mendou - Implementor (

I got a decent patch prog for Win 95 after someone advertised it on this
very list.
I dunno if its one of the one you have above, but I got it from
Make a search on the word 'patch' and its about 12th on the list, called

It's patched stuff for me, but in the long run I find it more reliable to
patch in stuff by hand.



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