Re: [INFO] Patches, FTP, and flying elephants.

From: Cris Jacobin (jacobin@BELLATLANTIC.NET)
Date: 10/30/97

>        Patchlevel 12 is also looking very up in the way of documentation.
>There is a much updated set of world files this time also, thanks to Alex.

        Interesting.  By 'updated', do you mean more balanced or just a
larger set of areas?

        My poor builder is constantly complaining about all the npc's that
have 30,000 hp, Sanct and are +18/+18, yet only give 5k exp.  So much work
for him.  Seems that the stock circle zones suffered at one point from
those meddling type of imp's.  The old,

        "Oh, they killed npc x?  Let's beef him up."
        <PC's move to a new mob>
        "Oh they killed npc y?  Let's beef him up"    <-Recursing Loop :)

        All in all, seems to me that Circle 3.0's biggest (just about only)
flaw is the quality of it's world files.  Heh, if this were an ad&d
campaign, the DM would be taken out back of the house, and the shit beat
out of him.

-Jac 'Oh how I long for those groups of 10 people on Copper ][, killing townies'
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