Re: [CODE RELEASE] Circle 3.0 beta patchlevel 12

From: John Evans (evansj@HI-LINE.NET)
Date: 10/30/97

On Thu, 30 Oct 1997, Edward Glamkowski wrote:

> I might be interested in porting Oasis to use bitfields,
> and then maintaining that.  :)

For ease of use, I would think that it would be best to keep CircleMUD
and Oasis using the same method of playing with the bits.

> But I don't think many people are using bitfields,
> especially with that 128 bitvector snippet available...
> (incidentally, does Oasis support that snippet, or is
> there a patch that does?  I don't really care, since
> I use bitfields, but it seems as though it ought to -
> perhaps as a compile-time option?)

There isn't a patch or instructions for converting OasisOLC to the 128
bitvector snippet. It is possible though, because I and a few others have
done it. I do remember that it took me somewhere around 13 hours to
convert OasisOLC to the 128 bits.

My only real advice is to have tons of caffine, some decent music, lots
of patience, and very few distractions while coding that. :)

John Evans <>

May the source be with you.

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