Re: [INFO] Patches, FTP, and flying elephants.

From: Ron Cole (rcole@EZY.NET)
Date: 10/30/97

>        However, having few builders, creation moves slowly.  It would be
>quite hard to have attracted my current lot of alpha testers to my
>under-development mud if it only had 50 rooms and 6-7 npc's.  [AD] "10 new
>rooms and another npc comming next week!"

Granted, but your world is your mud, that's what makes it different from all the
rest.  The code enhancements might make the world more interesting or
convenient, but your players can download the bulk of your world from the circle
ftp site, that kinda makes special quests and such more difficult.

>        As for your opinion that muds using the stock areas, should have
>their imp's decapitated...Do you really think Circle would be as a popular
>a codebase if it came only with Migaard for, 'testing and examples'?

Popular as in, quantity?  No.  Popular as in being a major feature on your add?
Yes.  Being forced to create your own world would stop a lot of mediocre
attempts a lot sooner.  Having very few pre-built zones available might
discourage some potentially talented people too, that one's harder to say.


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