Re: Bpl13 suggestion

From: Edward Glamkowski (EGlamkowski@MATHEMATICA-MPR.COM)
Date: 10/31/97

>>>More seriously, I'm all for entirely removing the auto title thing
>>>from stock.
>>I agree with everything that has been said about removing
>>auto-titles.  I also removed it from my mud.  Dump 'em :)
>Boy, times sure have changed...
>I remember as a freshman in college, in '91 (Diku has just come out),

I started in 92 with RO and FL :)

>those titles were a part of the role-playing aspect of the game.  The
>original Diku code does *not* show you the level and class of players
>in the 'who' list -- the idea of putting a [34 Mu] at the beginning of
>the line was one of the "cool" enhancements that certain MUD imps
>added (and an enhancement that was later picked up by code bases like
>When you typed "who", the only way you knew the level and class of a
>player from their title.  It was really part of the role-playing charm
>and went a long way towards trying to make the mud less "numeric" --
>i.e. a game that always shows you imaginary descriptions ("some cuts
>and bruises") instead of cold, hard numbers ("[HealthVector = 95%]).
>Of course, users couldn't change their titles; the "title" command was
>another popular enhancement that came along later.
>But I guess these days, people would scream bloody murder if they
>couldn't set their titles, or if they were required to use a player's
>title to divine his level and class, so they are probably obsolete.

Actually, I prefer to not show numbers either.
For anything.
No actual, literal numbers for hp, mana, move, ac,
HnD, etc. etc. etc.
If the info is provided at all, I give it out with
descriptive phrases ("clutzy" for low dex., or
"heavily armored" for a really good ac, etc.).
Things like HnD should, imo, not be given out at all
to the players :P

As to names and titles, I don't like giving out any
information really, except a name, and maybe race or
class (I leave those in, but do take out the level).
But hey, if you are going to put in the titles, why
bother listing the class in the who either?  why not
> who
Visible players:
Joe the Cut-purse.
Bob the Archbishop.

and just leave it at that?
Plus, in circle, not all the titles are really that
difficult to figure out:

Joe the Knight (22)

is quite obvious what level he is :P
(Although, I do see that bpl12 has done away with this...)

So perhaps it should be a compile time flag then,

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