Re: Player killing

From: Ghost Shaidan (ghost@AO.NET)
Date: 10/31/97

> Was wondering if anyone has found some problems with the player killing
> in CIRCLE 3.0 ?  Seems that the players who attack (murder) the other
> players only end up dieing, like the other day a lvl 30 attacked a lvl 1, and
> the lvl 1 killed the attacker.  I cannot find out why this is so.  Any
> help?

As Far as recall, you need to have the player killing ok switch set to yes
in the config file., and then recompile.  (I am not in front of my code,
and we coded a pk system quite a while ago).

If this is set to off, then when the player who first gets run through
damage() against another player is flagged a KILLER.
The main gist of this (RTFC) is to set their damage in EVERY call
therafter to 0, until they are pardoned.

make sense?  If not, grep for KILLER in fight.c and take a look at what it

Good Luck, and I hope I wasn't too far off.
Ghost Shaidan

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