Problems with finding the leader of a group

From: Tony Skinner (tskinner@GLOBALEYES.NET)
Date: 11/01/97

        I am currently playing around with the prompt code for Circle. I was
wanting to implement a way in which I could display the leader of a group's
hit points during combat to his/her followers while they all fight together.
        I tried using GET_HIT(d->character->master) but for some reason that
pointer returns a null value. Any ideas on how to get the leader's name so
that I can pass that argument onto GET_HIT() or GET_HIT_MAX() ?
        In case any one is wondering, I am making all the modifications with the
make_prompt function (comm.c). Since make_prompt only calls struct
descriptor_data, I am trying to work with that structure instead of
attempting to rewrite the prompt function.

        Any help, hints, or other implementation strategies are welcome.

                                                                Tony Skinner

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