Problems with finding the leader of a group

From: Angus Mezick (angus@EDGIL.CCMAIL.COMPUSERVE.COM)
Date: 11/03/97

   display hp of FIGHTING(FIGHTING(ch)) {the tank}
Ya don't want to be playing with the master of the char because they aren't the
one that will get whacked by the aggro mob.  the first person to follow is the
tank. unless you have mobs aggro'ing on the entry of a person to the room and
not using mobile_activity()
(the play might not have a master either)
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Subject:  Problems with finding the leader of a group
Author: at CSERVE
Date:    11/1/97 5:08 AM
        I am currently playing around with the prompt code for Circle. I was
wanting to implement a way in which I could display the leader of a group's
hit points during combat to his/her followers while they all fight together.
        I tried using GET_HIT(d->character->master) but for some reason that
pointer returns a null value. Any ideas on how to get the leader's name so
that I can pass that argument onto GET_HIT() or GET_HIT_MAX() ?
        In case any one is wondering, I am making all the modifications with the
make_prompt function (comm.c). Since make_prompt only calls struct
descriptor_data, I am trying to work with that structure instead of
attempting to rewrite the prompt function.

        Any help, hints, or other implementation strategies are welcome.

                                                                Tony Skinner

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