From: Cris Jacobin (jacobin@BELLATLANTIC.NET)
Date: 11/01/97

>There is a mudstealer who goes by the name of quinn and is from
>as well as nbumerous other sites.  BE WARNED
>he will say he is a coder and steal your mud.
>Also a man from goes by the name of Fili does the exact
>same thing.  Be extremely cAREFUL

        Anyone who would give a person -any level- authority, let alone
access to the host's shell, to someone who just logs onto your mud and says
something akin to, 'I aM a K00l K0|)ER.  MaKe relly 31137 oLc areaz too!!,
immort me!'...

        I'd say it's more his fault, than the actual offender.  I think
I'll email all such imps, say I'm the admin of their host, and need to
re-verify their credit card information.  Can I have a few blank checks
too?  Oh and your girlfriend?  No we were just laying together to keep
warm.  Furnace went out, yeaahh that's the ticket.

        I ended up turning on notell, setting gossip at >= 3rd level.  That
cut down on the flood to some extent. It annoys them to be able to see me
but not communicate.  Ohh I play with the once every so often by turning
off notell...

        [new player: Jarik - []
        JariK tells you, 'Can I be a coder or a builder?'
        tell jarik Well, one could always use a larger staff.
        Jarik tells you, 'Cool, just make me an immort then'
        Jarik tells you, 'Im a good coder i code for 14 muds'
        tell jarik Sure, you can be an immort, no problem there.
        tell jarik Just level to 31, and you can be an immort.
        Jarik tells you, 'No wait, I want to be immortal now'
        tell jarik Sorry, immortal is level 31.  You have 30 to go'
        [Jarik has quit the Game]

        To tell you the truth, your average Eggdrop Bot has enough wits to
hold a conversation with these fools.

ButterMud - telnet://

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