Re: Bpl13 suggestion

From: Daniel Koepke (dkoepke@CALIFORNIA.COM)
Date: 11/01/97

On Sat, 1 Nov 1997, Stephen Arnold wrote:

->> Titles have nothing to do with role-playing, because they don't stand
->> for anything if everyone has one.
->        How so?, I fail to see your logic.

Well, if twenty people have the same title, what's the point?  They
don't add anything to the role-playing since the titles don't stand
for anything (and more importantly, aren't unique).  We are talking
about, of course, the titles set by leveling.  Not titles in general.

->        Was your post not "take it out because I do not use them?". Look,
->everyone was saying how they did not like titles. I simply stated that I
->did. Your interpretation of my message portrays me as a meglomaniac, and
->this was absolutely not the case. I recommend looking more closely next
->time you reply.

No, my post was take them out because, in my experience, hardly anyone
uses them; further more, they have no value to role-playing with the
current situation.  The assumption that hardly anyone uses them was
validated on the list, I've seen far more people ask how to remove
titles than to ask if someone has good titles to use for level 50
warriors.  No-one even mentions level-set titles when there is a
discussion on adding classes/levels, either.  And, I think with the
addition of the "[Lv Cl]" thing to 'who', titles have no purpose in
identifying characters; and the level-set titles, because they are not
unique and they don't define a role for the person.

Even further, I pointed out that adding the level-set titles is an
extremely trivial thing (while removing them, on the other hand, is

As you can see, my post most certainly was not, "take it out because I
don't use them."  And, I really hate to recap my posts for people that
haven't read them; so, perhaps you should take your own suggestion to
heart, and read before replying?

daniel koepke /

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