[oasis] and missing members

From: Midnight Man (Robert.Kowalewski@RZ.RUHR-UNI-BOCHUM.DE)
Date: 11/02/97

Hi and hello

Being new to this list, I was lurking for a few days, and was reading in
the background, since I wanted to see what the level of the questions
is, like say this would be a highly pro list, then the questions I've
got, might be hilarious to most reader :P But then, oh well..

I was just downloading the Oasis OLC, and I saw this new 1.5 version,
and thought all right, quick download. Then got Circle bpl12, modified
the patch file (replaced all bpl11 to bpl12) and ran it. After the
screen flashed by like nothing, the make command should bring me close
to OLC.
But it did not work :\ The error was simple, in the file act.comm.c the
member "backstr" is not defined. Well, I treid to track it down, but the
only reference in the patchfile was "char *backstr;" way down in the
modification for structs.h... Obviously the patch is not applying all
changes to all files?! Or so..
I really do not feel like doing it manually, and would like to ask, if
someone else haas experienced this problem? I am running Circle 3.0bpl12
and Linux Slackware 3.3


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