Missing #if/#endif in comm.c of circle30bpl12?

From: Thuy Nguyen (thuy@CS.NYU.EDU)
Date: 11/02/97

I tried compiling the patch level 12 of Circle 3.0 with Cygnus gnuwin
compiler and came across an undefined reference error to set_sendbuf
during the linking part.  Looking into comm.c (which contains references
to and definition of set_sendbuf), I noticed that the definition of
set_sendbuf is only defined if SO_SNDBUF is defined.  I found 2 calls
of set_sendbuf, one within an #if defined(SO_SNDBUF)/#endif pair and
the other without such a wrapper.

I was wondering if this is a mistake in the code that an
#if defined(SO_SNDBUF)/#endif pair is missing as a wrapper around the
second call of set_sendbuf.

More details:  one call of set_sendbuf is in the new_descriptor function
and the other is in the init_socket function.  Both functions are in


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