From: Midnight Man (Robert.Kowalewski@RZ.RUHR-UNI-BOCHUM.DE)
Date: 11/02/97

Ryan Gasper or Steven Arnold wrote:

> > > ->There is a mudstealer who goes by the name of quinn and is from
> > > -> as well as nbumerous other sites.

>         Yep, We ran into this guy a few months back also. He was looking
> to help code, but upon questioning, he didn't know anything. After
> pointing out that fact, he got pretty abusive and promptly received a ban,
> but yes, this guy is out there.

ROTFL Just an update :
I posted this email to our imm mailing list, and Quinn happened to wake
some ghosts from the past :)
I did not know this, but he asked one of our Imms to get into a MUD for
him, where he was IMP, but since he was sitebanned, so he gave our Imm
his login and password.. but the other IMPs obviously have changed his
password ther :P I wonder why..

And another story : Las weekend, he did show up, and was making those
obnoxious claims :
1) He is going to rewrite cricle 3.0 + Oasis, and make it QuinnMUD ?
2) Rewrite the Linux kernel, and enhance thereby the whole Slackware
distribution (telnet gpm, blah blah)

I do not have to tell everybody how much fun a trigger with purge or dc
is :P

BTW Quinn uses to go sometimes by the name Duncan..
HE has a couple of new sites, just in case someone needs to refresh the
banlist :)        Quinn       Duncan


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