From: Midnight Man (Robert.Kowalewski@RZ.RUHR-UNI-BOCHUM.DE)
Date: 11/02/97

HI and another hello

I spend my day sort of pondering.. and was wondering "how?"
The question, that bugged me most was, how could I possibly extend the
mortal level system to more than 30?
For example to 100 and some 10 Immlvls? Or even 200?
And has someone a slight idea how then the XP should be adjusted? (I am
so lousy at math)
I bet this question has been chewed on a 100 times, and I will be flamed
to death, but what the heck :P

Another thing.. How difficult is it to create new classes? I assume not
too difficult, since I had a few ideas, and from the act.informative.c
point of view, its not a biggie, but how do I create new skills for the
classes, or new spells (if needed)? (I guess this question yells for
flames too)

And a third point, I would like to implement something like min_lvl,
means, certain items are only restricted to a player with a certain
level. Maybe this would be an idea for the whole circlemud code? Since
sometimes when I see lvl 1 players with Mithrill Daggers (10d10) then my
stomach turns around.. :P
The idea would be, to implement into the obj file a field, lets say
right after rent/day, which gives the min lvl, so a player, even tho a
high lvl player gave this newbie this above mentioned dagger, could not
use it, since it would produce an errormsg, and output to the player :
Not advanced enough, or so.
Just an idea.


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