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From: Crimson Towers (ctowers@RAGE.TELMARON.COM)
Date: 11/07/97

Well, as for the exp and levels structure, it's not that hard to do..... I
coded my levels in myself, and used a simple equation in determination of
exp points per level and exp gain, I won't give out my ratios but I'll
give you a quick idea, *snicker*, (If you want a 50 mortal level system
and 10 immort system, calculate how much of a percentage difference it is
between levels and add an equation that adds in the exp difference and
automatically adjusts experience to level.  Of course you could add other
little tidbits, like maybe a exp loss system per death, etc etc.)
The choices are unlimited and I'm sure others have already found these
ways, so just keep up  in the hubbub 'bub' and you'll find the code. =)
Cheers and remember, "Players play insane, and IMPS are driven insane.
Sure is a crazy world we play in =P"


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