Re: POLYMORPH (was Re: [CoreDump] [HELP!!] TEDIT)

From: Chris Proctor (cjp@YOYO.CC.MONASH.EDU.AU)
Date: 11/07/97

> >     ObCircle: I was thinking about a polymorph spell, what problems can
> >     people forsee with placing the char's body in a holding cell, and
> >     moving their desc to a mob? on top of this, keeping the player
> >     specials.
> >
> heeheeeeee, i LOVE this!  I have just recently downloaded a copy of
> SMAUG codebase, and was thinking of converting their polymorph spell
> (yes i know it'll work) to  CircleMUD.
> of course, this'll require either 1) a slight change to the spell_parser
> to also send a text field, or 2) sending the mob created as one of the
> char_data structures(not feasible in my mind), or 3) making it a skill,
> which would solve both problems :-P  (of course i wanna get the spell thing
> working first)
> i was trying to figure out HOW to send a text field, but i can't find
> that control weather snippet (c 'control weather' better  where 'better' is
> the textfield)
> anyone with insight on this? i'd appreciate it. thanks and i'll let you all
> know of my progress.

Yeah, I rewrote the spell code a while back to support multiple arguments
on spells, so you can do things like "cast 'fireball' tim 200" and lose
200 mana to do a 200 point fireball to tim, for example.

Also supports word arguments, like the control weather thing.
The number of arguments doesn't matter, either, so I rewrote locate
object to find objects with all of three keywords in the name, etc.

It requires an extra char* argument to be added to all spell functions,
call_magic, mag_affects, mag_itemmagic etc etc. You get the idea.


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