Suggestions for new patch levels (was: RE: [Off-topic] Just a follow-up to the swapping thing...)

From: Edward Glamkowski (EGlamkowski@MATHEMATICA-MPR.COM)
Date: 11/04/97

>> ObCircle: Completely hypothetical situation...if, someone--let's call
>> him...Bob
>        Hehe
>> --was thinking about releasing a derivitive of Circle based
>> on one of the bpls, that added/removed/changed features.  What are
>> some of the features that you think should be added to stock; removed
>> from stock; and changed in stock.  Your thoughts, please.  (even my
>> ObCircle wasn't all that much on topic :P)  Hypothetically speaking,
>> of course.
>        Hypothetically answering, because realistically, I would not be
>able to do all this.
>        First would be OLC. George (I think) has stated that he wants to
>work on making Oasis line oriented as well as the existing menu type. If
>so, then I would put this into Stock.

While a lot of people like OLC (not me, though :P ), if you
add it to stock, then if someone does a lot of re-writing
of code, especially database code (which some people on
this list have), it means that much more work to re-do
the OLC.  On the other hand, if you add in OLC after you
do all the rest of your work, it is less likely you will
forget about something that needs to be altered to fit your
I would vote that OLC should be maintained separately from
the stock (as it is now).  Plus, it is great coding
experience =)

>        Alias saving (is this in bpl12?) if not, I know Jeremy has stated
>that he does want to add this.

And poof-in saving.
And equipment position saving (i.e. the autoeq patch)

>        I honestly would add in races. Heres why (this is different eh
>Daniel? :)), I think everyone adds them anyways, and for the most part,
>they are the same ones. Dwarf, Elf, Halfings, Gnomes etc. I would though
>make it as easy as possible to change names. Futuristic MUDs ofcourse are
>not gonna want medieval races.

No, not everyone wants races, or would want races too
different from the "standard" races.

I was working on a D&D style mud where elf, dwarf and
halfling were classes, not races... ;)

And then I did another MUD based on Council of Wyrms,
where the PC's were dragons.  I don't think I'd want to
do that one again using an existing stock race code, and
it would be extremely annoying to remove any such existing

Leave races out of stock.

>        All IMM commands can be given out without having to raise someone
>to a certain level, so for instance, a level 1 could have OLC ability if
>an IMP gave it to him, or anyother command.

This would be neat.  Also don't let players automatically
advance to 31 with enough experience (or has this already
been taken out?).  Death Gate's code does this, but I
suspect it is a lot of work...

>        Objects can have spell ability. To me, there is no reason why NOT
>to have this.
>        Room affects with a settable duration.
>        Timer working for objects.

Ok, I can agree with these.  These are the types of things
where, if you don't want to use them, you can safely ignore
them and they shouldn't cause any other problems.

>        I don't think you could add in a Clan system. Thats to much a
>feature that should be added by the people wishing it.

No clans!  I have only once added a clan system (to my
CoW mud), and it didn't have any special meaning, code
wise - i.e. it was a role-playing thing.
I don't generally like clans, and don't play on muds where
they exist (as in, officially hard-coded into the mud,
although you can't stop social cliques from forming...).
Clans bad.
No clans.

In any event, everybody has a different idea on what makes
for a good clan system.

>        I am not sure about Mobprogs.

If they are in the code, you don't necessarily have to
use them, and they don't hurt anything by being there
The only problem with this is that you wouldn't want to
add it to the stock unless it was completely debugged...

Alternately, Eric Green's DGC code has really good mob
scripting code, which would be worth investigating.
Probably better (and safer) than mobprogs.

>        Switch to Ascii Pfiles? I don't know, would have to get tossed

It has been tossed around, and the file conclusion is that
it would take up waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much disk space :P

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