From: Jared Buckley (jaredb@TI.COM)
Date: 11/04/97

> On a (somewhat) more Circle related topic, what other books would be good
> for a reference/examples for socket programming, besides Unix Network
> Programming, by Stevens?  I've got that one, but it's not quite sinking
> in.  Maybe another author's explanations and examples will help it all
> gel in my head...

In my book Stevens is the god of socket programming.  I'll admit
the originaly UNP was pretty hard to understand in places, though.
Hopefully the second edition, which is out now, is a little more
helpful.  (I've got it on order, so I don't know yet.  2nd Ed. also
includes a discussion of IPv6, which I'm looking forward to.)  If
you can find this new edition in the bookstore you might want to
browse it and see for yourself.  Stevens also publishes a great
series of books called TCP/IP Illustrated.  Vol 1 explains TCP/IP
and it's services in general, while volume 2 tells you everything
you never wanted to know about how tcp/ip is actually constructed.
Also look for books by ?Scott? Comer; yet another network programming

???? Sorry couldn't think of anything ???? Circle rules! rah rah rah!


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