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From: George (greerga@DRAGON.HAM.MUOHIO.EDU)
Date: 11/04/97

On Tue, 4 Nov 1997, Edward Glamkowski wrote:

>While a lot of people like OLC (not me, though :P ), if you add it to
>stock, then if someone does a lot of re-writing of code, especially
>database code (which some people on this list have), it means that much
>more work to re-do the OLC.  On the other hand, if you add in OLC after
>you do all the rest of your work, it is less likely you will forget about
>something that needs to be altered to fit your changes.  I would vote that
>OLC should be maintained separately from the stock (as it is now).  Plus,
>it is great coding experience =)

I vote that olc.c be turned into generic routines for adding and deleting
rooms/mobs/objs/zones/shops.  Then any olc system can use them without a
fiasco like the Oasis bounds problem.  That will also allow us to make
major changes to the internal routines (like a linked list for example)
without breaking the support.

>>        Alias saving (is this in bpl12?) if not, I know Jeremy has stated
>>that he does want to add this.

That's a definite need.

>And poof-in saving.

I just had my immortals save them in aliases.

>And equipment position saving (i.e. the autoeq patch)


>And then I did another MUD based on Council of Wyrms, where the PC's were
>dragons.  I don't think I'd want to do that one again using an existing
>stock race code, and it would be extremely annoying to remove any such
>existing code.

What about titles? Lots of people have said they just remove those too.

>>        All IMM commands can be given out without having to raise someone
>>to a certain level, so for instance, a level 1 could have OLC ability if
>>an IMP gave it to him, or anyother command.
>This would be neat.  Also don't let players automatically advance to 31
>with enough experience (or has this already been taken out?).  Death
>Gate's code does this, but I suspect it is a lot of work...

I removed that also, no worries of ex-player snooping on wiznet.

>>        Objects can have spell ability. To me, there is no reason why NOT
>>to have this.

Objects that can cast spells when used and objects which give spell affects
(AFF_xxx) when worn.

>>        Room affects with a settable duration.
>>        Timer working for objects.
>No clans!  I have only once added a clan system (to my CoW mud), and it
>didn't have any special meaning, code wise - i.e. it was a role-playing

One MUD I played on had clans/guilds totally separate from code and it
worked well when they weren't stifling it.

>>        I am not sure about Mobprogs.

Making it an add-on with the necessary internal support (ie: Oasis+MobProg)
would be a compromise although then you'd have a ton of that type of thing.
Separate would probably be better though as I don't use them (don't know if
Jeremy knows the code either).

>>Switch to Ascii Pfiles? I don't know, would have to get tossed around.
>It has been tossed around, and the file conclusion is that
>it would take up waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much disk space :P

I'd just make a wrapper to automatically gzip them. Besides, you'd save
inodes because everything would be in one file.  On Windows95 you'll even
save space because all those object files are typically at least 32k
(cluster size) now and then you have alias files, and the pfile itself.
Under UNIX it's not that large of a gain unless you gzip them in which case
you're saving space (inodes are plentiful).  The way too much space
argument is hard to justify when you consider everything that is a player.

If Sammy makes it modular, by including a different .o file for binary vs
ascii without code changes for either, I'd be willing to consider it
seriously. (Well, actually, I'd do it unless Jeremy objected.) Remember
that 3.0 is remaining only bugfixes though, so it won't be soon.

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