Re: Suggestions for new patch levels (was: RE: [Off-topic] Just a follow-up to the swapping thing...)

From: Michael Graziano (mikeg@HOFLINK.COM)
Date: 11/03/97

I've been playing on an in-the-browser mud running as a Perl script which uses
ascii text Pfiles.  They DO take up more disk space, but they're small, all
they are is one line of stats, seperated by colons (like
NAME:Encrypted_PWD:LEVEL:EXP:GOLD:ETC.........), they are pretty small and
allow you to fix broken players very quickly (Items are stored as I####, for
example say a dagger was #1 it would be I0001)
Rent and stuff could be added in and calculated easily by the game by adding
in another variable, and it shouldn't take up much extra space...

> >        Switch to Ascii Pfiles? I don't know, would have to get tossed
> >around.
> It has been tossed around, and the file conclusion is that
> it would take up waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much disk space :P

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