[Newbie] Help! Adding levels to my MUD

From: Nathan Ridley (legendd@CYBERELECTRIC.NET.AU)
Date: 11/04/97

I have a couple of queries. I have begun a new mud, which I have big plans
for. I have already designed most of the world map, and am currently in the
process (with some friends) of scrapping the current stock areas and
replacing them entirely with our own. anyway, my main question is, with
patch level 12, many things have obviously been modified. I have found that
using the levels.doc file, the code doesn't work with the modifications i
made. I wanted to upgrade to 100 levels (1-96 for mortals). For some reason
(and i have double and triple checked my code, i keep getting errors. is
there an updated levels.doc file? or would someone be willing to check out
the mod's i made? any help is appreciated in a major way. also.. does
anyone know if the new_prompt code will work on patch level 12? (the one
which gives you lots of pretty colours and customisability)

Nathan Ridley

p.s. Is anyone out there good at ASCII character art? i've sort of been
failing at making a cool title screen for the mud.

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